Chinese Paintings
The art of Chinese paintings takes tens of years to learn and only tens of seconds to execute. Can't be lazy while one learns and can't work too hard while one paints. The spontaneousness is essence of the art of Chinese paintings.
Complete List Full list of Chinese paintings.

Animals on Chinese paintings. Tigers, horses. humans but not fish.


Lucky Beast How do dragons, Phoenix, Kylin and all the lucky legendary creatures look on Chinese paintings?


Water Creatures Mandarin ducks, carp, fish, lotus, dragonflies. All that stay near water.


Calligraphy Any Chinese paintings with lots of, or just writing. 


Buddha Buddha, Guan Yin, Da Mo monk, etc. 


ShanShui is landscape. Any paintings with landscape and scenery belong here.


Flower & Birds How can Chinese paintings live without plants and birds. Bamboo, plum blossom, flower & birds etc.